enable multiple rows in the taskbar

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enable multiple rows in the taskbar

Postby pyrates on Wed Mar 19, 2014 4:40 am

This is a feature that windows has had since 1995. So I would like to get this idea into linux mint.

Allow me to drag the top part of the task bar, so that I can set it to have multiple rows. It seems that on any linux distribution I've tried, all that does is make the stuff inside it bigger. I've always configured the task bar in windows to have 2 rows minimum because I tend to have a lot of stuff open. It also spreads the icons in the system tray so that they are using the multiple rows too.

Here's how it should work:

1. Taskbar starts out on the bottom
2. I right click on it and select "lock the taskbar" that has a tick beside it.
3. This unlocks the taskbar
4. I then see a section where I can expand the area where the start button is
5. I move my mouse cursor to the top of the taskbar until an arrow with an arrow pointing up and an arrow pointing down shows up
6. I hold down my mouse button and drag it so that the row increases from one to two.
7. I can keep doing this until I am satisfied with the number of rows I want.
8. When I am done, I let go of the mouse button.
9. I right click on the taskbar and click on "lock the tarkbar" that does not have a tick beside it this time.
10. I repeat that and now see a tick beside "lock the taskbar".
11. With the taskbar locked again, I know this will then stay and I won't accidentally change the number of rows in the taskbar.
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Re: enable multiple rows in the taskbar

Postby xenopeek on Wed Mar 19, 2014 8:07 am

You don't share for which desktop environment this is an idea, but I think for most this is possible. If you are using a desktop environment on which you think this isn't possible, and given that it looks like you've not asked about this you might want to start with that, then it is a suggestion you'd make to the developers of said desktop environment.

If you are using Cinnamon, and are using the latest version, and have gotten confirmed from others that you're not missing anything and indeed this isn't possible, then please see the forum rules at the top. Though Cinnamon is a Linux Mint project, as with all other desktop environments--please make the suggestions for Cinnamon to the developers directly (we're not going to copy & paste your post from here to there, and do the back and forth with you as follow up questions come from the developer community :wink:). Perhaps you've find somebody else has already suggest this over there.
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Re: enable multiple rows in the taskbar

Postby altair4 on Wed Mar 19, 2014 8:21 am

As a side note: The steps you described as "how it should work" are almost exactly how you would add multiple panels in any orientation you desire to XFCE.
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