backup tool/hidden dir question

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backup tool/hidden dir question

Postby Beandaemon on Thu May 26, 2011 10:27 pm

Real briefly, congarats on your conduct as a distro. For various reasons I was reading about Mint 11 and doing some homework, and I came across this:

I just think it's really interesting that, 1) Clem took the time to write that. 2) He goes out of his way to encourage people to back their @#$@#$ up first AND 3) He takes the time explain why Mint doesn't use the same upgrade techniques as Ubuntu.

That said, here's my question.

When following the instructions in said link, the backup tool is hanging when it tries to backup one of the hidden app directories in my home (.* style dirs). I know why, and it doesn't bother me, we can exclude that directory, but since it's a hidden directory, I can't add it to the exclude list. (the GUI doesn't see it, and I don't see any way in the backup advanced settings.)

In it's shortest form, my question is, is there anyway to set the backup tool to ignore hidden directories (.dir); or failing in that, have it ignore a specific hidden dir?
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Re: backup tool/hidden dir question

Postby m.keane on Sat May 28, 2011 6:24 am

Its probably ~/.gvfs that its hanging on. Yet again the tool is being abused beyond its original
design... Just use CTRL+H to show hidden files/dirs.
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