A few benchmark scores on 64-bit Mint

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A few benchmark scores on 64-bit Mint

Postby lambesk on Mon Oct 20, 2008 12:19 pm

Hello everyone. Just thought I'd post a few benchmark scores from my new installation of 64-bit Mint to show you the improvements that 64-bit offers. I only have 2GB of RAM at this point in time, but I will be upgrading to 6GB total in the future, so I would suspect the scores to go up when I do that. Also, my 32-bit scores are actually from the latest Mandriva One 2009 distribution. I wanted to see how far along KDE 4.1.2 and OpenOffice 3.0 were. Anyway, the benchmark used was the multicore suite from the Phoronix test suite 1.2.2. This is a nice CPU mostly benchmark so different video cards shouldn't affect the results. On the benchmarks where the lower score is better, I'll put them in italics.

Timed Apache Compiliation = 40.61 --> 36.50 seconds
Timed PHP Compiliation = 59.23 --> 55.15 seconds
ImageMagick Compiliation = 88.47 --> 78.46 seconds
Sunflow Rendering System = 11.95 --> 9.84 seconds
7-Zip Compression = 3417 --> 3528 Average MIPS
Parallel BZIP2 Compression = 51.38 --> 51.63 seconds
OpenSSL RSA 4096-bit Performance = 54.02 --> 53.52 signs per second

As you can see, there are some pretty nice improvements and the two bottom scores while less, were quite close to their 32-bit counterparts. I'd have more benchmarks for you, but my video card is a Radeon 4850 and I couldn't get the 8.9 catalyst drivers to properly install on anything but Mint. Hope this information is useful. :)

Quick edit. Figure I'd send you the links on Phoronix too. The first one is for 64 bit Mint.

http://global.phoronix-test-suite.com/? ... 30835-3224

And here's the 32-bit Mandriva results.

http://global.phoronix-test-suite.com/? ... 0667-19663
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Re: A few benchmark scores on 64-bit Mint

Postby srikkanth87 on Wed Mar 11, 2009 3:25 am

sounds good ...
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