Mint 9 Rhythmbox radio nixes drag 'n' drop

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Mint 9 Rhythmbox radio nixes drag 'n' drop

Postby doubled on Tue May 04, 2010 6:21 pm

In previous editions I've been able to drag and drop into the radio list various *.pls or *.m3u files I've obtained from "listen live" pages of various public radio stations. Since the Rhythmbox with Mint 9 RC (and Ubuntu 10.4), I can no longer drag and drop those files into the radio listings from the folder where I keep the files. Instead, I must use the actual URL of the station, a real pain and time-consuming, among other things. Strangely (but this is not the main issue right now), in the case of WAMU (American University Radio), using the URL causes Rhythmbox to crash - close completely - which had never happened before.

As I attempt to drag and drop, I see a border form on the perimeter of the radio listings box, as if it were a shield.

Anyone know why this is happening with Ubuntu 10.4/Mint 9 RC? It was so easy before!

Both, if it matters, are x86_64 editions. I've not tried it with the x86_32.

Otherwise, this Mint 9 is beautiful, as expected!
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