HOW TO: Linux Mint 12 Toggle Trackpad (Gnome/MATE)

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HOW TO: Linux Mint 12 Toggle Trackpad (Gnome/MATE)

Postby THEREALSYANiDE on Tue May 15, 2012 9:41 pm

First off, a little about Mint 12 Gnome / Cinnamon...
Mint 12 comes with Gnome3 or Gnome Classic / MATE. Gnome Classic is still Gnome3, so keep that in mind.

Gnome2 (IS NOT in Mint12!) uses gconftool-2 and gconf-editor (and your command would be .../desktop/gnome/...)
Gnome3 (AKA just Gnome) uses gconftool and gconf-editor (and your command would be .../desktop/gnome/...)
MATE uses mateconftool-2 and mateconf-editor (and your command would be .../desktop/mate/...)

In the three above examples, notice how Gnome2 and Gnome3 BOTH share schema settings in the same directory ( /desktop/gnome/... ), and also notice how they both use gconf-editor . This is because their schemas are one and the same, hence why you could NEVER have Gnome 2 and Gnome 3 installed simultaneously. This is coincidentally also why there is a complete fork of Gnome2; MATE. This is so that you can have your Gnome3 base DM -and- have a Gnome2'ish DM installed side by side (generic'd/forked by MATE).

MATE is not a shell over Gnome2, it is it's own FORK of gnome2. :D This means, MATE has it's own independent way of handling quite a lot of the various Gnome2 functions, and a vast majority of your Gnome2 settings do not have any affect over your MATE settings. :D

To toggle the keypad on and off, try ONE OF THESE lines:
(Depending completely on which Desktop Manager you use)
(Set this as a keyboard shortcut)

MATE (which is a FORK of Gnome2):
needs :
mateconf-editor (optional GUI)
Code: Select all
mateconftool-2 /desktop/mate/peripherals/touchpad/touchpad_enabled --toggle

Gnome3 (AKA just Gnome in Mint 12)
gconf-editor (optional GUI)
Code: Select all
gconftool /desktop/gnome/peripherals/touchpad/touchpad_enabled --toggle

Gnome2 (IS NOT IN MINT 12!)
This would be (for you Gnome 2 users)
gconf-editor (optional GUI)
Code: Select all
gconftool-2 /desktop/gnome/peripherals/touchpad/touchpad_enabled --toggle


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