How to solve "can not open /etc/decnet.conf"

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How to solve "can not open /etc/decnet.conf"

Postby vincezd on Sun Jun 03, 2012 3:22 pm

Hello there,
I just ran through a little problem, and found very little results in google / duckduckgo so let's share it here.
I just wanted to listen some music, but when I launched cmus (C-music player, a great ncurses music player) all I got was :
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getnodeadd: Can not open /etc/decnet.conf

This simple command solved my problem :
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pulseaudio --check

Apparently many users had this problem with *kaffeine*, and they solved it by modifying a line in ~/.kde/share/apps/kaffeine/xine-config :
Original file :
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# audio driver
# { auto  pulseaudio  sndio  alsa  oss  jack  none  file }, default: 0
# audio.driver:auto

Modification :
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Hope this helps !

sources : (german) ... zy-910980/
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