Cinnamon theme beginner's tutorial

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Cinnamon theme beginner's tutorial

Postby caribriz on Tue Jan 21, 2014 11:34 pm

I have written a beginner's tutorial on how to change the colors of a Cinnamon theme.
(The Cinnamon theme deals with the panel, menus etc. - not to be confused with the gtk theme, which is programs, windows ...)

The idea is to learn a little about the various parts of a Cinnamon theme, and how they relate to the cinnamon.css file.

It's a hands-on step-by-step tutorial with lots of pictures, written in "beginner's language" - because I am a beginner too :D
If the tutorial is followed, it will result in a simple color change of the main elements of a Cinnamon theme.

It was made in LM16 Cinnamon (cinnamon version 2.0), and used the default Cinnamon theme "Linux Mint".
It also works with the "Linux Mint" Cinnamon theme in LM13 Cinnamon with cinnamon version 2.0 (backported), but I cannot guarantee the steps will work with previous/future versions of Cinnamon or with other themes.

From the original "Linux Mint" theme:

you end up with this - "Linux-Mint-2":

Note - it isn't a total color change of the theme, only the main parts.

If you wish to try the tutorial, here is a link to the pdf file (5MB):

Here is the theme it created:

Use at your own risk - it is not recommended for people new to linux to attempt.

For more tips on Cinnamon themes, see this thread started by forum member austin.texas:
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