Three simple techniques to make terminal input easier

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Three simple techniques to make terminal input easier

Postby hiroaki on Thu Jan 23, 2014 10:28 pm

Usually you don't have to use terminal on Linux Mint, but sometimes you need to use it, especially in trouble. It must be disgusting if you haven't got use to. You must input strings of code, and you get some error even if you have mistyped just one letter. It's really disgusting. I introduce three simple techniques which make terminal input easier.

1. Copy & Paste
You don't have to type on the keyboard, when you find a command in the internet.
Just copy & paste the command as follows.
1) On the browser: select the command -> right click -> select "Copy"
2) On the terminal: right click -> select "Paste" .
Of course you can also use window menu or short cut keys.

2. Tab-Completion
You don't have to type whole command or file name, even if you have to type on the keyboard.
You can use tab-completion.
Just type first few letters, and hit "Tab".
If there is single proposed command or file name, completion is executed immediately.
If there are plural proposed commands or file names, proposed ones are displayed.
In this case, again, just type a letter or few, and hit "Tab".
If there is no proposed command or file name, very likely you have already mistyped.
Of course cases such as inputting a new file name are excluded.

3. History
You don't have to re-input, when you want to re-execute a command which you have already input before.
"Up-cursor" key displays the previous input.
Additional "Up-cursor" traces back to the past, and "Down-cursor" reverses.
You can also edit displayed command using "Backspace", "Left-cursor" and "Right-cursor".
So you don't have to re-type the whole command, when you have mistyped.
Just display the mistyped input with "Up-cursor", and edit it.
Of course you can apply this technique to similar input.
Display similar input using "Up-cursor", and edit it.

If you know these three techniques, terminal input becomes much easier.
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Hiroaki Ban
Linux Mint 16 Petra KDE 64bit
Three simple techniques to make terminal input easier
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