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Fun With Wine

Postby red-e-made on Mon Oct 20, 2008 8:13 pm

Hey there!

This information might actually only be helpful to a very small number of people here, but I thought I would post this little discovery, for the handful of people who might benefit from it.

For those of you who use Wine, more than likely your Wine programs are somewhere in /.wine and appear in your MintMenu under the Wine category of Programs. However, just as it's possible to put Wine-run programs in any directory you please, you can also run the .exe files of these programs directly from your MintMenu under any category you like, with the use of the "winebrowser" command followed by the file path to the .exe file.

For example, let's say you have a Wine-run game in the directory /home/MintFan/Desktop/Games, and the file path that runs this game is /home/MintFan/Desktop/Games/Space_Battle/SP.exe. Normally, you would have to open this directory and click the .exe file (provided you have it already set to be opened with Wine Windows Program Loader) in order to run it. Well, you can spare yourself those clicks through the path to the .exe by doing the following:

1. System>Preferences>Main Menu>Games>New Item
2. Name it what you like (in this example, Space Battle)
3. Give it the command: winebrowser /home/MintFan/Desktop/Games/Space_Battle/SP.exe
4. And close

From this point on, you can now run the game in Wine straight from Games.

I realize this a little trick that saves you a couple clicks while still letting you keep Wine-run apps wherever you please, but for me, I don't like to have all my Wine apps crowded into a single directory in my Home folder, and I like having my apps wherever I want in MintMenu, instead of having those programs which use Wine segregated under the Wine subsetting.

Just a little thing to give you a bit more freedom in your day-to-day use. Cheers!
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