How-to "help" someone use a computer.

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Re: How-to "help" someone use a computer.

Postby enxio27 on Sun Jul 13, 2014 11:41 am

I think I'm going to print this out and re-read it every time my mother calls me with a computer problem.
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Re: How-to "help" someone use a computer.

Postby PatH57 on Fri Jul 18, 2014 3:25 pm

my 2 cents,

everybody knows something about computers nowadays and will try to fix it before asking (even my mother)
Be clear and ask again, avoid technical mambo jumbo or sending
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sudo whatever
before checking what the level of understanding is.
Everyone seems to know what memory is and then again and again I hear "I'm running out of memory" when it was disk space...
Linux, windows,unix,MacOS each use a different language. It is all English but so many dialects... and when you start getting fluent in one you tend to forget that others aren't.
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Re: How-to "help" someone use a computer.

Postby gingertom5005 on Tue Oct 28, 2014 1:01 am

I do quite a bit of one to one teaching with older people, often in their seventies and eighties and have been fairly successful with all my students. I have found that it helps to find either what games they like or what their favourite shows and TV series were. Get a seventy five year old onto Youtube and if they love (say) Dr Finlay's Casebook etc their motivation and ability to absorb information and navigate menus seems to increase exponentially. I like the general understanding of posts that the student needs to be doing rather than watching.
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Re: How-to "help" someone use a computer.

Postby Maggie777 on Tue Oct 28, 2014 8:08 am

I have taught two students to use computer.
It's a step by step procedure
first you need to know how much your students already knows about computer. After that you need to start
I usually start with computer hardware. I believe by taking computer classes you can learn more. A person can learn computer if he / she try using them on daily bases.
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Re: How-to "help" someone use a computer.

Postby ganamant on Tue Mar 31, 2015 2:01 pm

PatH57 wrote: "I'm running out of memory" when it was disk space...

So true. And the fact they call solid state storage cards "memory cards" certainly doesn't help on this issue. I've even heard some people speaking of RAM as a metaphor for storage space in thair minds to remember things.
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Re: How-to "help" someone use a computer.

Postby benem on Wed Oct 28, 2015 1:03 am

Just keep in mind you have to take a long time to help someone to do something on their computer, that will make you more patience :D
In my true story, I forgot some necessary files in my own computer at home, and call my older sister send those file for me. Just an easy task? Yeah but it take me about 1h :(
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