Epson DX6000 All-in-one How to get the scanner working

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Epson DX6000 All-in-one How to get the scanner working

Postby Natwest on Sun Sep 23, 2007 10:26 pm

To make the printer work i just installed the driver listed and picked the DX4200, simple enough.
The main problem was the scanner bit!
To start with i installed all the sane & xsane files. (not sure if i had to but i thought 'just put them all in')
I did the following the Terminal window:
1)run > lsusb
2)It came up with Bus 007 Device 006 : ID 04b8 : 082e Seiko Epson Corp. The ID 04b8 is for the Vendor (Epson) and the 082e is for the product (model DX6000). Note the lower case.
3)> sudo gedit /etc/sane.d/epson.conf ( you might / will have to change permissions to make changes)
4)Find the following line
5)# usb 0x? 0x?
6)remove the # and replace the figures after the 0x with ID from the lsusb,
7)Mine read (usb 0x4b8 0x82e)
8)Save & Exit.
9)> sudo chown 0666 /proc/bus/usb/001/002, here you replace the numbers with yours so mine read sudo chown 0666 /proc/bus/usb/007/006
10)> sudo gedit /etc/udev/rules.d/45-libsane.rules and added by copy & pasteing the last entry for Epson scanners (the CX 4200)
11)Changed the CX4200 to DX6000, and the same to the idVendor & idProduct as above.
12)rebooted and worked GREAT.[/code]
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Postby Husse on Mon Sep 24, 2007 5:27 am

Welcome to Mint Natwest
Brilliant :)
I'll see if it helps on my Brother multifunction scanner (with the necessary adjustments of course :))
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