Installer loses focus

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Installer loses focus

Postby ddalley on Fri Nov 23, 2012 1:09 pm

The new LM 14 installer loses focus of the target device.
I have not seen this before, with any installer.

For example:

- choose sdb as the intended target device
- create the / partition
- when the installer finishes that, it selects sda, instead of staying focused on sdb

This is a big no-no that many people may not notice.

I really wish that installers were smarter. If I want to install to one device, the installer should be able to remove all other devices from the list, at least at some point, even if we have to do it manually. Give us that choice and fewer people will have MBR overwrite problems.

OpenSUSE, for example, even though _everything_ is set up to install to sdc, yup, it still wants to write grub to sda.
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