everything is delayed key punches clicks and other stuff

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everything is delayed key punches clicks and other stuff

Postby tbrownarcher2 on Mon Dec 03, 2012 2:27 pm

Yesterday I installed linux mint 14 cinnamon 2 times. When done the first time i pulled the USB before the screen message told me too. I got a screen wide message and i got a partly working version but i had generic in the name in the list in grub my grub now looks like this

Linux mint 14 cinnamon 32-bit-generic(dev/sdb6)-- Recovery mode
Mem test (memtest86+)
mem test serial console 1152000
ms windows pro (on sda7)
linux mint 14 nadia (14)
Advanced options for linuxmint 14 nadia (14)

So I now boot into the 5th grub line. My ver of mint 14 is working except for the keyboard and mouseand other commands aer all delayed takes quite a while to get a key punch to be displayed My question is how do I clean this grub up and of course the disk partitions, and how do i fix the problem where there is a delay in every keypunch and mouse click ....


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