Tip for error after installation EFI bios on new computers

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Tip for error after installation EFI bios on new computers

Postby Oyabunbaba on Sun Dec 02, 2012 2:19 pm

I was having problem with installing Linux Mint on my new laptop without Windows, which has EFI bios but it look like any old bios so i didn’t know, Live DVD work good, installation goes well but after installation, Mint won’t boot. I got messages like error of connection between HDD and motherboard, so much irrelevant and confusing. I spend whole day trying to figure out whats wrong, i install ubuntu and other versions of mint but no success, disconnect HDD and connect again. BTW I'm always partitioning manually so i don't know what about automatic.
Finally i figured out by myself that while partitioning manually i have to make one more boot/efi partition about 100MB big, that do the trick but i was upset that after 15 years of using computers i was trapped like that and no one say it clearly anywhere that this is necessary to do with new computers. That should be written somewhere on Mint page.
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