How to install LinuxMint 14 off a USB?

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How to install LinuxMint 14 off a USB?

Postby blackdahlia on Fri Feb 01, 2013 9:55 am

So..hi everyone! My first post here...:)
I'm not a computer expert in any way, but I would really like to be able to use Linux. (Currently running Win7 off an Asus.) I've download LinuxMint 14, and Universal USB Installer, and I've written it to the USB like it should. I have no issues getting into BIOS, started up OK, but it suddenly stopped saying "something-something X drive" and "user interface not correctly" etc. It told me to try again when the MDM was properly done. I would like to be able to use Linux off a USB, instead of installed on my harddisk, for safety and conveniece reasons. I tried re-copying the files over to the USB, same result. I've had no problems with the USB - it's a 4gig one, and the data fits on it fine. Given that my laptop has no CD drive, it is difficult for me to install Linux with a CD, and this isn't USB-based anyway. If I could install it on the computer and then make it USB based that would also be fine - I've heard of something called mintStick? - but I have trouble finding the correct CDs. I tried to use CDBurnerXP and that worked OK but the CD size was 200MB too small :( Have tried to boot in compatibility mode, same result
Sorry for the long post, and total lack of experience - can anyone help?
:) Thanks in advance
NOTE: LinuxMint 14, 32-bit, MATE
This is entirely irrelevant but I thought it should be added: in an unrelated matter, my keyboard has broken. Until I can get it fixed, I am operating using a USB keyboard. Just to put that out there.
ALSO: I am completely new to the land of BIOS and DOS, and when it comes to BIOS, I have very little knowledge of what I am actually doing.

Sorry, and thankyou very much!! :)
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