Will changes be reflected?

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Will changes be reflected?

Postby IcyFlame on Mon Feb 18, 2013 10:53 am

I installed linux mint 14 using the mint4win app thing.

And then i started this. I have done some changes to the things. I have installed the cinnamon desktp thing and then i have installed some more applications without which life becomes hard for me(python idle 2.7 and code::blocks and other programming tools). Now i have made some programs and have stored them in some other drive.

But i am hesitant to restart my machine as i am afraid that mayve the changes may not be reflected as this happenned to me once and at that time i had install python and code::blocks each time i came on mint.

Is there some way to stop or reverse this? (except creating an actual partition and installing mint on the hard drive, i can't do this as others use this machine and they are well, comfortable with windows)

kindly help me.
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