firewire_ohci and live cd booting.

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firewire_ohci and live cd booting.

Postby ikunat33 on Mon Feb 25, 2013 2:18 am


Both Mint13 and Mint14 seem to have problems booting when loading firewire_ohci.
Now, because I am dirt poor and have a problem with writing images to CD to only use once (seems wastefull) I write the images to USB first... so I hope this buggyness is not limited to booting from USB.
I believe, and please correct me if I am wrong, this can be remedied by doing 2 seemingly simple things.

first - either add the line blacklist=firewire_ohci to the kernel options for starting the live cd, have a separate menu item for that option, or modify the kernel of the boot image so this does not need to be added.

This only gets you past the first attempt the live image makes to load firewire_ohci it will lock again when it Mint attempts to mount the newly created live system so...

second - change /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf to include the line "blacklist firewire_ohci" so that a second attempt to load that module does not happen.

Any chance of having this happen because...

The first option is easy to deal with for Mr. Linux Average who understands he needs to look for these things when Linux freezes but not for Mr. First Time Linux who just gets frustrated and goes back to windows. This of course never used to matter because if Mr. First Time Linux was too much of a lazy ass to investigate that far then... well... good luck anyway. These days though, with all the competition between major distributions for a more user friendly interface, you would think these little things would be addressed faster.

The second option well.. you have to load Mint into a virtual machine first and then rebuild the entire image as well... Mr. First Time Linux does not have a clue... good luck getting him on board first time around.
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