Primary monitor sleeps after login (Mint 14 - ATI Radeon)

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Primary monitor sleeps after login (Mint 14 - ATI Radeon)

Postby NesThes on Fri Mar 08, 2013 2:40 pm

About 50% of the time, after the login screen, the primary monitor attached to my system does not show the extended desktop, instead it appears as if "sleeping." The other monitor displays the other half of the desktop, and, otherwise, the system behaves normally. I fix this by suspending the system and, in general, when it comes out of sleep mode, it activates the display and everything after that is fine. BTW, the login screen is displayed normally on both screens!

Is there a fix for this? Since the problem is intermittent, could it be a hardware issue of the graphics card (or even the power supply)?

I had this problem with my old system configuration (which ran Ubuntu 10.04 64bit - all other hw aspects of the system have remained the same, I just changed the mobo and the memory, the rest of the system is exactly the same - graphics card, psu, discs, etc and I switched to Mint 14)

Any ideas what to do?

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