<SOLVED>Installer stopped...

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<SOLVED>Installer stopped...

Postby WesternSlope on Tue Mar 12, 2013 11:51 pm

Hi all...
After putting installing Mint on my drive for three years and really hesitating until now, it happened. It was deleting all of the files that where not needed and when it looked to be a go, it blew up saying. We are sorry. The installer stopped and the info will be sent... When I rebooted, it had two lines in the grub for Win 7 sda2 and sda3. How do I make it right?
Click here - >The pic of my drive.

Can I use Windows Disk Management to delete the extra partition 3.90 gig and add to the 15.48 gig to total 19.38 gig?


The 3.90gig is my Swap. :oops:
After looking at Gparted, it showed that it was the swap.
Sorry for the waste of time.
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