Mint boot screen messed up after editing grub2

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Mint boot screen messed up after editing grub2

Postby archp2008 on Wed Mar 13, 2013 9:10 pm

I recently noticed after editing the entries for Grub2 using Grub Customizer 3.0.4 that Mint 14 seems to be entering recovery mode each time I select to boot it from the boot menu. There is now a lot of text scrolling down the screen before Mint loads. I did not notice any way to remove any tick marks for any of the entries in the grub customizer menu, so I deleted the entries that I didn't want to show. After the Mint booting issue occurred, I tried to get them back the way they were using the undelete option inside the cutomizer but was unable to do so. It appears to be mainly a cosmetic issue. Before I used to get a green screen and/or the Mint logo during booting. Is there a quick way to fix this? Thanks in advance for any suggestions. FYI I have a quad boot Win 7/8/Mint and Ubuntu. This is on a notebook with a single hard drive.
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