Not able to follow instructions!

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Not able to follow instructions!

Postby JaZZyCooL on Wed Mar 27, 2013 6:22 pm

hey guys,
I followed the following instruction but unable to understand the step. Can anyone please help me clarify that. I don't understand after "etc/fstab"


OK with that in mind I will give it a go, but I don't hold out much hope because your installation doesn't make any sense to me and probably wont make any sense to boot-repair either. I can think of two strategies.

1) Look on the partition sda3 and see if contains a folder called Microsoft with a file in it called bootmgfw.efi. If it does then that is your Efi system partition. In this case run boot repair again until you get to this situation: and choose sda3 as the separate boot/efi partition. Then complete the reinstallation of grub.

2) Boot from a live cd run gparted, shrink dev/sda3 by about 200Mb and create a new partition there with the Fat32 filesystem. Label it EFI and set the boot flag on it (all this can be done with gparted) the partition will end up being called sda10 by the look of it. Next open /etc/fstab of your mint installation (not the live cd's copy) as root (sudo gedit or pluma not sure) and add the following line:

Code: Select all
LABEL=EFI   /boot/efi   vfat   defaults 0 2

Save the file.

Then, if you don't already have the folder /boot/efi, run the following command:

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sudo mkdir /boot/efi/

Now boot back into linux run boot-repair, go back to this situation and now choose sda10 as the separate /boot/efi partition (or whatever number the new EFI partition is called). At least boot repair will have a chance of understanding this file structure. Switch the bios back to efi mode and try to boot Mint, if it boots OK, next try booting Windows, if that boots as well, you have finished, if it doesn't then carry out the following command:

Code: Select all
locate bootmgfw.efi

Wherever bootmgrfw.efi is, it needs to be copied to /boot/efi/Microsoft (you will need to create the folder Microsoft first).

If I have managed to get all that correct it will be a major miracle, if you manage to follow it, it will be an even bigger one, but if those two miracles have happened then should be able to boot Windows as well.

I suppose a third strategy would be to try what amicose has done in the post above, which is to install refind. If you decide to do that please don't ask me for support as I could never get it to work properly, but others say it works well and I have no reason to disbelieve them.
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