Problem with wireless connection

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Problem with wireless connection

Postby The_Herd7 on Sat Apr 13, 2013 10:33 am

so i have a bootabe USB with Mint 14 mate and it works fine however i also have a couple of dvds of mint 14 cinnamon that im giving to a friend who's intersted in linux. when i test them on my computer they will not connect to the internet even when i enter in the correct password. this also hapens on my live cd of bridge linux. but this does not happen on my usb. i have tried redownloading and making new dvd's and nothing works, so any ideas on what is wrong?
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Re: Problem with wireless connection

Postby karlchen on Sat Apr 13, 2013 11:47 am

Hello, The_Herd7.

Provided you use the same Linux Mint 14 ISO image file to create the bootable USB pendrive and the bootable DVDs, then there is no functional difference between the Linux Mint14 live system on the USB pendrive and and on the DVDs.
So the difference must be somethings else, e.g. something which you are doing in a different way when booting from the USB pendrive on the one hand and when booting from the DVDs on the other hand.
One vague idea:
On the pendrive you might be starting the live system with a persistence file. In this persistence file the configuration details how to connect to the internet have been saved once and are being used automatically whenever you boot your machine(s) from the USB pendrive and try to access the internet.
On the DVDs there is no persistence file, and you do not execute all necessary steps in order to connect to the internet. (whatever the exact steps may be in your case)

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