Is Grub instalation O.K.?

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Is Grub instalation O.K.?

Postby fm3c on Thu Apr 18, 2013 8:58 am


I'm really a newbie, with a ASUS N76vz. I manage to install Linux mint along side with Windows 7 (each OS in a different driver) and i used GRUB to boot. But...when i choose Linux Mint there is a sequence of strange (really strange) "commands"? then the command lines turn yellow (yes, yellow) and finally the logon screen pop's up.

When I'm using LM the battery level never goes up 89%...when disconnected...the level of battery drops.

Is something wrong with my GRUB / LM install? How can i repair it.

Does "Secure booting" in BIOS has any thing to do with this. I think i have a "EFI"?? but in BIOS i do not have a UEFI SECURE disable.

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