Mint 13: live DVD fine, no boot after install

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Mint 13: live DVD fine, no boot after install

Postby uncle on Thu Apr 18, 2013 11:11 am

I have 2 laptops I've tried to put Mint 13 (XFCE and Mate). A 3rd one worked fine, so I know it is not the DVD nor the live USB I made - I booted and installed that one from both. These have acceptable hardware, one ran Mint Gloria in the past, the other the defunct Xandros 4.1. (Both versions were obsolete 2 or more years ago, but all hardware worked fine.) I'm choosing Mint 13 because of support until 2017.

The symptoms: They boot from live DVD no problems, and then install appears to go just fine Everything works from DVD: wireless internet, sound, even bluetooth. Whatever. After installation both seem to start booting, and end up with black screen and a blinking cursor underline on left side of screen. I suspect it is either something hardware or something about Grub. Never having had such a problem with any installation in the past, I don't have any idea how to diagnose it.
When I pop in the DVD again (or USB drvive), I'm asked when reinstalling if I want to replace Mint 13 or install alongside it. This makes me think the install is fine and Grub is incorrect.

I looked at release notes, and there is discussion of a b43 wireless card problem, and I would try that fix if I could find instructions on how to do what they say, though I don't know that I have this card in both laptops and seeing as it boots from the DVD fine and I can get wireless when on the live DVD, it is probably not that. I stupidly wiped the old Mint and Xandros from both, being a cocky impatient bugger with limited intellect.

Can someone please direct me to some steps or instructions. I did a forum search here and could not find directions.
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