Mint via LiveUSB?

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Mint via LiveUSB?

Postby electronaut on Thu Apr 18, 2013 12:11 pm

Hi, everyone. As an Ubuntu refugee, I'm exploring my options. I'm still new to the whole 'nix-thing (I was an Apple refugee before - and a Windoze refugee before that).

Anyhoo... After chatting with quite a few people, I'm checking out Mint, but I don't know what I don't know in order to resolve a minor issue. I'd like to check out Mint via "LiveUSB" in order to explore, tinker, tweak, and enjoy having some semblance of persistence. (I tend to take my time making decisions)... I'm currently using Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal and have an encrypted Home.

I've poked around the forums looking for solutions that best fit my current scenario... to no avail (some came close).

I've downloaded the iso (LinuxMint 14.1 Cinnamon 64), verified md5sum, and burned the image to a 16GB USB using UNetbootin. I've rebooted, "Secure Boot Not Enabled" flashes the screen for a few seconds, followed by the GNU GRUB (v2.00-7ubuntu11) menu that enables me to "Start Linux Mint", start in compatibility mode, etc.

This is where my inexperience bites me in the butt:

(1). Is "Secure Boot Not Enabled" referring to a lack of UEFI (I'm on an older MBPro) or is this referring to the fact that my Home is encrypted? Is "Secure Boot Not Enabled" a good or bad thing? I definitely do not want to compromise my current files.
(2). When I select "Start Linux Mint" the screen goes blank - and stays blank. (ick)
(3). In another attempt, I tried "compatibility mode" and it hung.

I've also burned the same iso (mentioned above) to a DVD and it appears to function well. I actually like what I see, but I can't dedicate hours to a single session of checking it out... This is why the ideal for me is LiveUSB w/ persistence...

Any help will be most welcomed.
Thank you!
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