[SOLVED] unknown passwords user root in LMDE 201303 install

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[SOLVED] unknown passwords user root in LMDE 201303 install

Postby anamesa on Sat Apr 20, 2013 6:32 pm

I installed Linux Mint Debian Edition, 201303, Mate Desktop Environment using the installer. It is the 64 bit version. After copying the files to the /target partition I had prescribed, the installer stopped. Fortunately the files were there, so I edited the /etc/fstab and rebooted the pc. Since I had grub-lecacy installed from another distro, I edited menu.lst, and booted successfuly to mint. It booted straight to the graphical environment (mate), but I don't have the user password or root password. Because the installation had stopped after copying the files, my user and password I had defined during the installation don't show, the account doesn't exist, only the "mint" account exists, but I don't know its password. If I knew, I would become root with "sudo su", and change the passwords and create a new users etc. But now it is impossible to do any change to the system.

So, what is the password for user mint and what for root in LMDE 201303 mate edition? The same as in debian testing? I would very much appreciate the answer to this.

I just searched in the forums and found the way to edit the passwords by booting into a passwordless root shell. You have to append the following text to your kernel line in grub:
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rw init=/bin/bash

Then you just have to give the command:
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passwd userlogin

for simple user (in my case it was the user "mint" from the live cd)


for root
and you can change the password. Afterwards, you may manage users and groups from control center.
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