Help needed recovering from ACER TIMELINE 3810T Install

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Help needed recovering from ACER TIMELINE 3810T Install

Postby adamessene on Thu Apr 25, 2013 7:27 am

I hope somebody can help me. I am new to Linux yet have some experience with other operating systems. I have never found anything so complicated as this problem with UEFI.

Firstly, I have been working on this for weeks without help except for a slow internet connection. I am not able to download large files. I have a failed boot with well known problems and can boot from the SD CARD into Linux Mint, yet this is READ ONLY. I can access my hard drive partitions and make changes to my EFI partition. I am able to get into a number of booting modes at BIOS startup, yet am not able to complete any logins because of usercode password issues.

To help me continue with my diagnostics, I need help with any one of a number of avenues I am following.

1) I need to know the standard mint user password to get past the login screen to see what happens after that.

2) I need to know if I am able to use UEFI and in fact if I am able to boot using it into LINUX. I am on Acer Bios 1.01 and I suspect it does not work in UEFI at all. There is no UEFI option in the Bios visible to the user, it has been locked out by technical acer people. The previous install was Vista 32 bit factory, and I am working with 64bit Mint standard Cinnamon edition. I get the message "Secure Boot Not Enabled" on startup and then it boots into Grub option screen and into MInt. If I Install it fails at the end of the Install after a two hour language pack download.

3) It would be helpfull to be able to tweek the live install running from the SDCARD. Is this possible? Is it possible to change this install so it runs normally from the SDCARD and is able to write back to it? It would help a lot.

4) I can get it to boot to local hard rive from a screen that says at the top of it UNETBOOTIN by using a special F12 Bios bootup option. I can run to an OS prompt or to a Linux Mint logon screen but it refuses my username and password entered at the time of install. If I check the intall home directory (which I can mount) I see my entered username of "io" there, so the install seems to be fairly if not fully complete, apart from the bootup configuration.


If I can get help with any of the above I can continue. Otherwise I will have to seek out some very small recovery Linux I can download that might help me to run in a usable way from the SDCARD. I am very pleased with the way the system is running from the card. It is stable and all completely functional. If I could make it read write it would be an acceptable solution. I already tried saving files to my hard drive and all works well. Just booting is the problem. I put eLILO on as well as making the kernel an efi file in boot. No joy.

Thanks everyone who might be able to help. This is my only computer.
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