Problem with Bianca installation (solved)

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Problem with Bianca installation (solved)

Postby Fabien on Fri Mar 02, 2007 6:59 am

I have found solution by myself (learn to read te forum, dude!!!). Only keep all default setting about keyboard layout, timezone and language and it's done. However, just a little problem on reboot (no boot on Mint or WINXP) solved by running Mint live CD one more time and use Gparted to flag boot partitions...


I have recently discovered Mint and i love it, but i have a strange problem.

I will install Bianca on a dual boot with WinXP already installed. When i try to install Bianca on my HDD, the installation will not past the step 6. After i have set the disk size (60GB of free disk space available), i click on next and....nothing happens except the cursor rollin. I have wait a long time before stopping. No error message coming and no changes are made on HDD (still free disk space, no partitons are created). I have check if some mounted partitions block the process but is not the case.

Previously, i have used Ubuntu 5 on this system without problem but with standard installation method.

If someone has a solution or a suggestion, i will be happy because other distro are not so sexy and i want this one!!!
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