Mint crashed after trying to downgrade xserver

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Mint crashed after trying to downgrade xserver

Postby marinkognito on Fri Aug 23, 2013 11:39 am

I'm sorry if it's a wrong thread. My Linux Mint 15 (32b) won't boot after I've tried to install drivers for my ATI Radeon 4350. I've read that I need to downgrade Xserver, but I'm not very familiar with this so I've tried to follow similar tutorial to this (not this particular page, but same steps): ... ntu-12-10/

After I rebooted, GRUB went to console. I've tried to boot from it, but Mint only went to a console "(initramfs)". I don't have an idea what to do next and how (if it's even possible) to get to Cinnamon.

what I use to boot Mint:
set root=(hd0,3) -/boot partition
linux /vmlinuz*
initrd /initrd.img*

I've tried to reinstall GRUB, but nothing seems to have changed.
Do you know how to repair it? I would reinstall it, but I don't have /home separated and I would like to keep the files.
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