Limux mint olivia white dash and GRUB screen

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Limux mint olivia white dash and GRUB screen

Postby RichaardFinland on Wed Oct 16, 2013 11:09 pm

my linux mint olivia kde works fine with a unetbootin install but when i tried to use lili and universal usb installer doing a persistent install it does not boot this is what happens

on my asus g75 if i boot it up and choose the uefi staples {staples is my usb drive) option then it goes to a screen that says blah blah at the top and basically "grub" no option to pick/highlight something.

but when i pick the regular staples option ( non uefi ) then it goes to a black screen with white line/dash .

I want persistent install and my drive that has only 2 partitions but no space left literally and my second internal drive (yes g75 has two bays) is full with 4 partitions already.

I want to save stuff on my stick that is all . BTW it is 4gbs! Nvidia gtx 660m i do have!

And now the same thing with unetbootin without persistant installl ?
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