Clean installation, snags, errors and comments solved

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Clean installation, snags, errors and comments solved

Postby Stefan on Tue Sep 02, 2008 4:47 am

I decided to reinstall Mint from scratch now when I decided to stick with it. First time I somehow lost the Flash Plugin for FF3 and it was a hassle figuring out how to get it back (I solved it), plus I just wanted to do it "Right" this time.

I dualboot with a 30Gb Vista partition (DELL 1520 laptop).

LiveCD Weirdness:
When running the liveCD (this time) my wireless connection kept being kicked out of the network. It only worked after a re-boot of the CD.

Install worked fine; partitioned as follows:

Vista partition, 30Gb (untouched)
Swap 2Gb (since I have a laptop I might have it hibernate at some point, I have 2Gb of RAM)
Root 10Gb
Home 60Gb
Data / Backup partition 16Gb (so I don't have to use that limited space on the Vista partition of I want to safeguard files during re-installation. That partition is just for Vista itself, a few apps like FF and 2-3 games)

Graphic card Weirdness:
Did a small mistake, tried to install Nvidia drivers for my 8600MGT before running MintUpdate. Big mistake. Big crash on reboot
I repaired X, ran all updates (200+ files), and then started EnvyNG again. Worked like a dream this time. Also noticed that the aviable driver was newer after update.

Flash in firefox works so far, but last time it magically uninstalled itself after about 3 hours. Let's see what happens this time.
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