Live CD works in compatibility mode only - mint4win stalls

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Live CD works in compatibility mode only - mint4win stalls

Postby zampanoo on Fri May 21, 2010 6:51 am


new to Mint (and Linux) but would like to switch to Isadora. I use a 5-6 yrs old Q25 Samsung laptop.

1. Booting the (verified, md5 =ok) live CD is only possible in compatibility mode, and LM9 seems works fine then - wireless recognized immediately.

2.When using mint4win to install LM9, I do get the choice between XP and Linut Mint but then a black screen and no activity after the green dots have cycled two or three times (no logo). One one occasion it said the dev/sda volume is not ready (yet?) and I should press S or M - no effect when I do any of this.

Unfortunately, the grub options do not include a compatibility mode, so I do not know how to get LM9 working on my HDD.

Any suggestions? Could not find anything on the forum.

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