Install LM versions of both XFCE and Gnome, not Ubuntu defa

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Install LM versions of both XFCE and Gnome, not Ubuntu defa

Postby Nick_Djinn on Fri Oct 22, 2010 5:05 am

So, I have lots of computers and fix lots of computers (hardware and clean installs of Linux with complimentary Linux partition).

Right now I would like to install both XFCE and Gnome on the SAME partition installation, choosing between them at startup. For tactical reasons, I wish to start with LM-XFCE-64 rather than Gnome. I like the Linux Mint XFCE base, dont care for the Ubuntu implementation default, and do not want to use the XFCE options from Synaptic over a Gnome base.

Next, I dont want to end up using PulseAudio in XFCE, even after I install a bunch of multi-media apps while logged into Gnome. KDE was really good about blocking PulseAudio from being included in suggested dependencies (nice little window asked me which was cool), but I have not noticed anything similar in Gnome or XFCE....does it exist? I dont want it to be added back constantly because somebody decided that PA is so awesome that everyone should use it by default....its not awesome if it doesnt work on your computers. I will also remove it from Gnome as well probably, but even if it does get added back in Gnome due to Ubuntu dependencies, will Mint XFCE still not use PulseAudio?

I might also be interested in trying Peppermint One, but I would really prefer it as a login choice rather than a separate partition. I dont know if its possible to add that distro in its finished form from synpatic unless you start with it, but I dont know how to add the Linux Mint version of XFCE without ending up with either the Ubuntu version (not as fast and uses PA) or the bare bones generic version.

Any suggestions for making this work without using separate partitions?
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