Mint 10 RC and Grub2 installation

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Mint 10 RC and Grub2 installation

Postby Gort on Sun Oct 24, 2010 8:30 am

Hi All

I am not sure where I should put this post but I have a comment about Mint 10 installation. Everything went very smoothly except there is one option that seems to have disappeared. On the final screen, there used to be an option prior to Mint 10 to open an "Advanced" panel that allowed you to select the drive or partition onto which to install the bootloader. For one of my machines, I have it installed on /dev/sdb as opposed to /dev/sda. Did I somehow miss this option during the Mint 10 installation?

Other than that minor issue, Mint 10 is beautiful. I know art is subjective but I love the more industrial look.

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