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Re: Installation Instructions

Postby pcpunk on Mon Jul 14, 2014 5:12 pm

I am hating Linux as there is no REAL instructiions anywhere! It is rediculous to not be able to install the OS in a simple matter. I don't know who is behind all of this LInux thing but they are surely not using there heads! I am only trying to Re-install LM17MQ32bit over my old corrupted 64bit of the same. I have scoured the internet and youtube to get answers but cannot find much of anything good. There are some good videos but most are not and don't address the particular issue that I am having. I am trying to do a dual boot with my xp system, that has LM17MQ64bit as stated above. So I need to leave the xp there and choose whatever to install new over the old. I have read that this is possible without even making a new partition, and just installing over the old?. I have been workingn on this for a long time now so it has become a waste! I could have just bought a Windows product and been on my way, really would it be that much of a task to just expand the Manual? Then at least people-and especially newbie's could do it on their own ya know. Here is my thread on this issue, I am getting some help from another forum but things are going so slow as people are obviously busy.
Thanks pcpunk
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