Partition partnering solved

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Partition partnering solved

Postby rcdeacon on Tue Feb 05, 2008 8:37 am

I hosed up my system yesterday. It all started when I installed "wine-doors". What I wound up doing was doing a fresh install but I used the "guided" way and shrunk my initial install in order to save all my stuff. (I sure there was a better way but I'm not proficient at this yet) Now I have 53g of formatted (ext3) space BEFORE my new fresh install of mint. What I would like to do is either merge or perhaps delete the 53g partition and resize the partition that holds my fresh install. There are four partions. 1. sda 1 (53g) which is empty, 2. sde 2 which seems to contain two swap partitions sda 5, sda6, 3. sda 3 which is the fresh mint install. Maybe I am better off doing another fresh install with a complete takeover but I do not want to lose my home partition. Any suggestions?

EDIT: I have solved the problem. What I did was to boot from the live cd. Then I used gparted to edit partition table and delete the 53g partition. Once that was done I did a resize of the fresh install partition (35g). I just booted for the first time after the rsize and all is well.
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