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OpenOffice File Associations

Postby Dennier on Sat Feb 10, 2007 10:30 pm

Up until yesterday, I could double-click on my .rtf (Rich Text) document files and a box would come up asking if I wanted to Run, Display, etc. and if I clicked on Display, it would open up in OpenOffice Writer.

However, now if I double-click on one of the file names, it just sits there without doing anything. I can right-click on the file and the first selection is "Open" but it does not list an application by default (whereas on a .doc file, it says "Open with OpenOffice Writer"). If I go into the file's properties and go to the "Open With" tab, OpenOffice Writer is already selected.

I am unsure what might have happened to disrupt opening these files with a double-click. I can open up Writer and open my .rtf files manually with the Open command, but I can no longer double-click and choose Display to work on my files.

Any suggestions how to correct this? Helpful replies would be appreciated.
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