Can't enable publish-to-Facebook in Shotwell

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Can't enable publish-to-Facebook in Shotwell

Postby imk on Wed Nov 21, 2012 1:17 pm

On Nadia, I want to publish some photos from Shotwell to Facebook The only online publishing account enabled in Shotwell by default is "piwigo". An option is also available to "Add more accounts", but clicking it has no effect at all - although Shotwell's Facebook plugin is present and activated. Can I get Shotwell to publish to my Facebook account? Many thanks for any help.
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[SOLVED]: Can't enable publish-to-Facebook in Shotwell

Postby imk on Thu Nov 22, 2012 6:36 am

The solution is to install package gnome-control-center-signon:

Code: Select all
sudo apt-get install gnome-control-center-signon

This adds the missing Online Accounts manager to System Settings (gnome-control-center) and enables Shotwell's
"Add more accounts..." feature to invoke it.

The root of the bug is Ubuntu's patch shotwell 0.12.3-0ubuntu2. Changelog:

shotwell (0.12.3-0ubuntu2) quantal; urgency=low

* debian/patches/06_uoa.patch
- Added UOA support
* debian/control
- added build depends libsignon-glib-dev and libaccounts-glib-dev

which introduced online-account integration (UOA = Ubuntu Online Accounts) but
did not give the package the new dependency upon gnome-control-center-signon
that it would require for this functionality to work.

The bug does not appear in Ubuntu Quantal because it installs gnome-control-center-signon
by default.
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Re: Can't enable publish-to-Facebook in Shotwell

Postby Fraoch on Thu Oct 24, 2013 9:46 am

Just wanted to bump this thread to inform new users this problem still appears with LM 15 and Shotwell 0.14.1. This was supposed to have been fixed in Shotwell 0.14.0.

Looks like Ubuntu's patch adds an undeclared dependency which continues. If you install from the Ubuntu repositories you will probably encounter this bug. I suppose if you compiled your own you might avoid this.

The workaround listed above works perfectly.
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