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Banshee - music library build

Postby TheKernel on Thu Jan 31, 2013 4:49 am

Hi, as a newbie I am not sure if this is an observation or a question - it is probably both so I would appreciate any feedback.

I recently installed Mint on my Acer notebook; i run a small home network via a Netgear router attached to my desk computer and the notebook and a tablet attach wirelessly. The main computer has an external drive holding all my music. Today I attempted to use Banshee to set up its music libray databaseon the notebook and pointed it to the networked external drive (above).

Well it evetually got there and now references some 3000 songs, but Banshee obviously has a small attention span ( :) ) as it kept stopping/closing after loading data on about 60 songs on average. So I kept restarting it, noting how many songs, artists and albums it had completed at each stage - it took close to 50 restarts to complete the library database.

So is this normal, should I have expected it and has anybody else experienced such problems?

By the way I'm loving Mint.
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