How do I install an early version of Evolution in Mint14?

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How do I install an early version of Evolution in Mint14?

Postby Cavemann on Mon Feb 04, 2013 8:03 am

Hello All

I have been using Evolution 2.32.2 in LM11 - all was good.

Just decided to try LM14 and also installed Evo from the repository but this time it is 3.2.3 (from memory).

The background for email lists is dark grey stripes and incoming email text is on a grey background both of which I really do not like.

I seem unable to find a method of changing this background colour so think I have to install the earlier version of Evo to get the desktop conditions that I like but I do not know how to get and install an early version of Evolution when the repository has a later version.

Can anyone guide me here please - either changing the background grey in the current version or installing the early version.

Thanks and Regards

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Re: How do I install an early version of Evolution in Mint14

Postby blastradius on Thu Mar 14, 2013 11:44 am

Evolution is tied to the system theme, just go to system menu/preferences/appearance (I'm using Mate), click the 'customise' button and click the colours tab. Window background is the one you want to play with, note that you may need to close Evolution and reopen to see the change although mine applies the new coloour to the message list immediately and needs to reopen to apply to the preview pane.
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