Accessibility - Magnifiers need work

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Accessibility - Magnifiers need work

Postby windyweather on Mon Feb 11, 2013 6:22 pm

My friend is visually challenged and has been using Mint 12 and Kmag. Mint is fine, Kmag pretty much sucks.
There are good reasons for going to Mint 14 and we are going to run it on a faster machine in a VBox on Win 7. [long story for another post].
Kmag is the same ole' thing that barely works and the Aero window snap thingy and workspace hots need to be turned off for any sanity.

I installed XZoom and it says it's installed, but I can't find it in the menus to run it. Does it have a different name in the menus?

Anyway, sure would be nice to have a working magnifier to make Mint more accessible. The font scaling and panel scaling help a lot, but aren't the whole answer. A "mag" that was bound to the top of the screen or some other part by preference, had no surround and did not "overlap" windows, but forced itself to "shrink" the screen for everyting else would be just the ticket for my friend. Turn the top so much of the screen into a magnifier. Make a preference applet to change it rather than taking up any space for menus, tools etc. After all, if you are using the thing, you don't need to change it all the time. But having it cover up a window, or accidentally get resized to the whole screen or messed up in any other way, is a real pain. Remember this is for folks that can't see, and they are bound to click on something wrong.

Can someone take on a serious project to make Mint accessible? Or if we do, spend some cycles on a great magnifier?

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