Screensaver on Mint 13 Mate - choose folder of pictures?

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Screensaver on Mint 13 Mate - choose folder of pictures?

Postby Doranwen on Fri Mar 15, 2013 5:00 am

I installed Mint on my new computer a week ago, and have been exploring. My explorations in the screensaver menu turn up a scanty list of screensavers, one of which is the Pictures folder. I like the concept (having used something similar on Windows in times past), but wish to be able to select my own folder instead. (I might, for instance, wish to store all sorts of pictures in my pictures folder, and have a subfolder of it that is just for the screensaver. This seems very logical to me, and it surprises me that it was not taken into account when designing.) Which would be the best way to do this?

I can, if need be, fiddle with the command line, but I prefer gui solutions. There has to be a nice point/click way to do this, even if I have to install another program to handle screensavers. A poke into the software manager does turn up an alternate or two, but I don't see any particular screensaver listed that would let me select the folder. Any suggestions?
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