Rsync not syncing 100%

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Rsync not syncing 100%

Postby smooveg on Fri Mar 22, 2013 1:25 pm

Hi All,

This is probably an Rsync issue and not Mint-specific, but I wanted to post anyway.

For some reason, when using rsync, it is skipping files that may have changed but have the same filename. I've used this same command in through Grsync without problems prior to making some fstab changes (specifically, mounting the source automatically). I don't think it's a permissions or other file issue, but maybe I'm missing something. The destination is an external USB drive (mounted in userspace) while the source is mounted using cifs directly in fstab, if that makes a difference.

Any thoughts would be great.

command: rsync -rtv --delete --ignore-existing -s /source/ /destination

When looking at the file stats AFTER running rsync, I get this:

Code: Select all
[me@mintsystem Our Documents]$ stat 'file.ods'
  File: ‘file.ods’
  Size: 35069        Blocks: 72         IO Block: 16384  regular file
Device: 22h/34d   Inode: 2358160572  Links: 1
Access: (0755/-rwxr-xr-x)  Uid: ( 1000/me)   Gid: (  100/   users)
Access: 2013-03-18 18:14:42.178037000 -0500
Modify: 2013-03-18 18:14:37.430630000 -0500
Change: 2013-03-18 18:14:37.430630000 -0500

Code: Select all
[me@mintsystem Our Documents]$ stat 'file.ods'
  File: ‘file.ods’
  Size: 34972        Blocks: 72         IO Block: 4096   regular file
Device: 861h/2145d   Inode: 1376268     Links: 1
Access: (0755/-rwxr-xr-x)  Uid: ( 1000/me)   Gid: (  100/   users)
Access: 2013-03-08 17:36:38.088044616 -0600
Modify: 2013-03-08 11:46:42.667364000 -0600
Change: 2013-03-08 17:36:27.384710868 -0600
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