Firefox tab tearing

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Firefox tab tearing

Postby Osric on Wed Apr 10, 2013 2:30 pm

This topic has probably been covered, but as I can't search the forum for a phrase and massive list of useless results come from the search, I'll have to ask.

I'm running the latest Cinnamon Mint and the Firefox addon that disables tab tearing does not work. Is there a way to simply disable this feature? I've seen a workaround using Compiz, but it makes no sense to me, it seems that Cinnamon uses a different programme to fulfil Compiz's function and I have to get involved in some weirdness to get it to work.

Given that web browsing is a primary function for most people this constantly irritating feature is a deal breaker. Firefox is Mint's default browser, it surely must be a priority for Mint users to be able to disable a function that drives people crazy.

Any assistance would be gratefully received, I've wasted days hunting for a solution to this $%&&!!ing irritating problem to no avail that should simply be capable of disabling with "tool-options".

Many thanks.
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