Removing actions icons on MDM login screen

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Removing actions icons on MDM login screen

Postby eanfrid on Wed Apr 10, 2013 4:16 pm


Short story: this machine is a non-dedicated server running 24/7, serving X sessions to multiple user accounts and I do not want normal users to be able to suspend/reboot/shutdown this machine form the MDM login screen.

Hence I disabled the suspend/reboot/shutdown commands in mdm.conf, adding overriding lines according to the explanations written in /usr/share/mdm/defaults.conf and it is fine (clicking on the icons only reloads the login screen). But I am still with these now useless suspend/reboot/shutdown icons. Where do I need to look in order to remove them from the MDM login screen ? The line "SystemMenu=false" in the [greeter] section (should but) has no effect on the display of the icons.
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