Outlook Alternative for Linux With Non-Cloud Smartphone Sync

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Outlook Alternative for Linux With Non-Cloud Smartphone Sync

Postby Xian Renegade on Wed Oct 09, 2013 7:15 am

I have Mint 15 MATE 64 installed and my email/PIM organizer is Evolution. To sync my phone PIM data, I am using Syncevolution, which allows for cloud-based sync as well as direct Bluetooth sync, the latter on some phones, not all.

Mine syns the following seamlessly:

* Calendar
* Tasks
* Notes
* Contacts

I have tested it on Nokia E63 as well as Nokia C6.

Some want non-cloud sync because of privacy concerns and I am in agreement with Steve Wosniak's sentiments. However, my own need for direct sync is a mere practical one, as "cloud cover" is both randomly available and also insanely expensive where I reside and operate. It is too unreliable and the stupefying data costs really is a problem. Given that only about 34% of the global population has broadband access, millions of others are in need of the kind of solution as given here. I do hope that this helps solve problems for at least one other person except myself.

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