Weird Archive Extract operation?

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Weird Archive Extract operation?

Postby varunit on Thu Oct 10, 2013 2:57 am

Hello All,

Lets say I got 2 rar files named

In windows If I select file1 to complete the extraction process, WinRAR automatically extracts the content from part2 as well.
In Cinnamon's Nemo, however things seems to be different. Is I select only part1.rar extraction is done only once.
If I select both the files and try to extract, here are the results:

part1.rar as the folder name (usual for file roller)
contians complete content from file2 as well
part1.rar(1) as another folder
contians complete content from file2 as well

isn't this weird? or is this expected and am I thinking this is weird?
The second operation is redundant actually.
If I'm not clear, I'll post a screenshot after reaching home. Now at work, cannot use Mint.
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Re: Weird Archive Extract operation?

Postby TheDynamicHamza21 on Thu Oct 10, 2013 2:00 pm

Unless I am misunderstanding you that is how it supposed to work. If a file is part of split archive than all then you would need only extract one file. Since split archive usually is one file,one folder spread over many archives. A simple test would be extract file 1 you should have folder named "name" then extract file2. You should see the same file extracted named "name (2)". They should be the very same files.
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