Menu Keyboard shortcuts Firefox &Thunderbird

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Menu Keyboard shortcuts Firefox &Thunderbird

Postby mideal on Sat Oct 12, 2013 7:38 pm

Does anyone know where Firefox and Thunderbird store their menu keyboard shortcuts?
I don't look for things like CTRL-N, CTRL-R and so on, but for those which are used with ALT like ALT-F for Menu/File/...
and especially those used in the context menus, because there are duplicates in the German versions.
I dont find anything about that at the Mozilla webpages.
Please don't answer: ask Mozilla or the dev team, that is a very lame solution :D,
because a real answer will be useful for other applications, too.
(I have found a very handy way for the German Mint Mate system menus,
where I needed/prefered other shortcuts and changed it by simply changing the *.mo fil.
Check out for this on my tiny blog [url][/url].)
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Thank God there is none.
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