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[LM16] Nemo questions mainly

Postby snipe2004 on Fri Dec 27, 2013 7:44 pm

Hi guys,

Just tried LM16, and wow, got stucked! That's really a nice piece of OS we got there. It's really fast, it's really beautiful, it's really practical : what else ?

So, as I always do, even if the distro is quite self-sufficient, I'm customizing it a bit to fit my needs at 100%, but I'm facing some troubles :

  • I would like Nemo to use "Pyrenamer" to bulk rename files. There's a possible setting in Nemo's preferences, but simply setting it at "pyrenamer" won't bring pyrenamer to open in the good folder, but at /home/user. Any idea how to do it ?
  • Also, I was wondering if in Nemo I could have a shortcut for "Recent files". I can access them through an applet, the menu, but not Nemo and that sucks! For example, without Nemo, I can't delete only one of those files from the recent files list.
  • I saw the Upload Manager, nice tool, and the idea to get it working by D&D is not stupid at all. But I would really like to integrate it into Nemo, so that I could "Right click" -> "Upload". Possible?
  • I managed to use the default backup tool. Great, especially the possibility to save installed softs. But I didn't saw a feature to make a backup everyday (or whatever) ? Where is it? Do I have to launch it on startup, or cron it in some way??
  • What about the Zoom/Scale mode, they're great. Last time I used Mint (LM12 I think), when doing so, we also get the applications available. In Gnome-Shell, it's the case also. Is it possible to make something like that here? Some setting somewhere? Some extension?

Thanks in advance, if I can handle these, LM16 will be the absolutely-perfect-ever distro :D
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