Toolchain & Nvidia Optimus Problem with VALVE STEAM

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Toolchain & Nvidia Optimus Problem with VALVE STEAM

Postby Volgin on Wed Jan 08, 2014 11:30 am

HI, I'm a begginer on Linux (and come from windows xD) and I have a little problem, I hope you could help me with this.
I have installed Linux Mint 15 Xfce 64 bits, installed steam (official) and a few utilities/java/libraries etc.. along this time and I had no problem but in 2 games, both with Source Engine (Left 4 Dead 2 and Day of Defeat Source) The games doesn't launch well. When you open a game on steam you have a small window wich tells starting game (suppose you know it if you play), the window dessappears and the game doesn't start.
Searching through the web I discovered that was a common problem and I thought I've found a solution installing this: ... -less.html
I didn't know well what I was installing, but I did, both links are on this post on the steam community: ... 395110175/
Video setting have changed, I just recognize the changes on the resolution (its set on linux config 1024x768 more less) now it seems too lower and the icons are bigger, and when I start a game (one which launchs and works well of course) and the resolution is too low too and I can't play, everything works slow, it's all lag. I suppose I have changed the setting of video but I don't know where or how and what is worst, I dont know how to unnistall nothing on linux and I don't understand what I did well...
Any help will be veery considered, thank's and excuse me for my small english!
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